Plans to increase Court fees payable to obtain a grant of probate have come under scrutiny.

The parliamentary Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments has concluded that Lord Chancellor Liz Truss may have overstepped her powers in ordering the increases which had the “hallmarks of taxes”.

One of many groups campaigning against these changes are the Solicitors for the Elderly. We are members of this network of lawyers and are delighted to see that the matter will now be reviewed by Parliament after Easter.

Our Head of Wills and Probate and member of Solicitors for the Elderly, Alison Greatbanks commented “We are delighted to see the Select Committee has confirmed what was clear from the offset – the Government’s probate fee hikes are nothing more than a backdoor tax, and the MOJ has acted beyond its powers in enforcing these changes.
“By proceeding with these fees, ministers point-blank ignored the views of almost every respondent involved in the consultation process. Since then, SFE has campaigned hard, alongside other organisations, to have these changes reviewed. Although it is unclear what this means for those currently applying for probate ahead of the deadline of 1st May, it seems likely there will be some sort of delay.
“Our hope now is that the Government re-evaluate these fees, and at the very least, finds a fairer way of structuring them”.

You can read more about this in the article below, but if you have any concerns we would urge you to contact us as soon as possible to talk with one of our probate lawyers

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