Modern Day Slavery

Modern Day Slavery – Compensation Claims

Although many may think that slavery is a thing of the past, unfortunately it is still very prevalent in today’s society, just in different forms.

Modern Day Slavery sees individuals of all ages, race and nationalities being completely controlled and exploited by others, usually for significant financial gain.

Slavery can take many forms but the most common is forced or compulsory labour.

Our Team are on hand to help advise and represent victims of Modern Day Slavery in the fight for compensation in the Civil Courts against their perpetrators.

A victim may have significant concerns about the possibility of funding action of this nature. This is something our Team can discuss with you in detail.

Hall Smith Whittingham LLP does have a Legal Aid Certificate and it is available for anyone on certain benefits or with little or no income. Where possible we may also be able to offer No Win No Fee (Conditional Fee) Agreements.