We are proud to announce the recent appointments of two distinguished family lawyers, in our continued commitment and ability to provide the highest quality service in this area of law.

The family department at Hall Smith Whittingham has been a premier team, both locally and beyond, for decades. The department has only ever consisted of high profile, experienced and truly capable family lawyers who provide the best service in all areas of family law to their clients.

Family solicitor Emma Davies joined Hall Smith Whittingham in September 2018. Emma was previously working for a firm in the Shropshire area and has still kept her links there. Emma undertakes all areas in family law and has relished her challenge in her new position. Emma is keen and committed to provide a high level of service to all her existing and new clients in Cheshire, Shropshire and beyond! Emma states:-

“I am so pleased to be a part of this department. It is fantastic being involved in such a committed, talented and well respected department. I feel able to provide my clients with the best possible service through my own knowledge and skills and the support we give each other in the department and our links with outside professionals too. The whole department oozes confidence and it is an absolute thrill that I am a part of that success. I look forward to my work each day. I love helping people when they are in need and to be able to do it with such great colleagues is fantastic.”

Ian Hamilton-Fey, who is accredited by the Law Society as a family law specialist has just joined Hall Smith Whittingham from another local firm. Ian was previously employed by our firm when it was then known as Arthur J.S. Hall & Co before its merger with Smith Whittingham. He left in 2000 and continued to progress his career in all aspects of family law. Ian’s particular specialism is dealing with mid to high net worth matters and particularly those with an agricultural element. Ian has almost 30 years experience in family law. He has therefore been round the block a bit but all the wiser and experienced for it and this will be Hall Smith Whittingham’s gain when he takes over the mantle of the head of department in the New Year when his mentor Kay Masters retires from her full time position next month. Ian says:-

“I was bowled over when Hall Smith Whittingham offered me the position to return to the firm after many years of leaving to head up their family department. It would have been an honour just to have returned to the firm but to head up the department is literally a dream come true! I have big boots to fill! I remember being interviewed for a position when I first joined the firm when it was then known as Arthur JS Hall & Co. It was on the day Margaret Thatcher resigned as prime minister (just to give you an idea how long ago it was!) There was me a very fresh faced Trainee Legal Executive being interviewed by Kay Masters and another partner who I became equally fond of. Kay and the other partners at HSW guided and trained me in family law for the next 9 plus years and literally gave me the opportunity and training to become the successful family lawyer I now am. I owe them a huge debt of thanks and now also to the current partners who have showed their confidence in me by offering me this position. I won’t let them down. I will continue to provide all our clients with the supreme level of service this family department has always given and which clients expect from Hall Smith Whittingham. My colleagues in the department know they have my support and even better, I have theirs. It really could not be better for Hall Smith Whittingham or our clients!”

Hall Smith Whittingham takes pride in being able to continually strengthen and grow this department. Senior Partner and family lawyer and mediator Jane Wilson states-:

“I am hugely proud of the department and all it has achieved over the years and the supportive, strong and bespoke service we have provided to all our clients. Hall Smith Whittingham has always been a “Family Law” firm with an impeccable reputation. I and all the Partners here at Hall Smith Whittingham truly appreciate this and we feel we have the responsibility to preserve and build upon it. We are therefore hugely selective in who we approach to become a member of this special dedicated department. We set our sights on who will be the perfect fit to the department in terms of ability, personality and what we ascertain they can offer. I am delighted to say we have achieved our objective in that regard with the exciting appointments of Emma and Ian. Emma’s enthusiasm to the department is immeasurable! She has only been with us since September but has already made her mark here. The quality of her work and commitment to her clients has even exceeded our expectations. I must also comment on Ian’s appointment. We have known Ian a long time as a result of his previous service to the firm and he has always remained local in the area where we would have dealings with him when he was on the “other side” of matters. We always wanted him back as he has such a huge reputation and an abundant wealth of experience and now we’ve got him we are delighted!”

Hall Smith Whittingham offer “options appointments” for all new clients who are experiencing relationship breakdown issues. There is no initial charge for the consultation. During the course of the consultation we will identify the nature of the legal problem and identify how we can help you with the problem. This may be through instructing us as solicitors or mediators. We will also identify the level of service you require depending upon the complexity of the matter and the support you will require. This enables us to give all clients a good estimate of the costs which may be incurred during any legal process. Our clients have found this to be a very clear and transparent approach in assisting them with their legal matters and they have no unpleasant surprises in respect of their legal fees. It is an approach that really works. All Options appointments are with one of our skilful and experienced family lawyers who are supported by the whole department.

Managing Partner Steven Coles who is at the helm of Hall Smith Whittingham and also runs his own caseload of conveyancing matters states:-

“We hit gold with Emma and Ian. I couldn’t be happier. The department goes from strength to strength, as does the whole firm. I cannot take the accolades for the history of the family department save for I have always been behind it and supportive of it. I was involved in the recruitment process of Emma and Ian. We knew who we wanted and why. They will both prove a great success to the firm and our clients. Although they and the rest of the department will provide a one to one bespoke service to their clients, they will all support each other. This is something I as the managing partner of the firm believe to be a priority in the firm. It is part of the ethos of the firm. A supported department is an effective successful one. It’s proven. It is for this reason why we are so selective in our recruitment process at Hall Smith Whittingham. You may not be able to pick your family but we can pick a damn good legal team!…..and in any event we are like a family!”

To see how we might be able to help you, please contact us today on 01270 610300 (Nantwich) or 01270 212000 (Crewe). We offer ALL clients a free initial meeting to consider your next steps and options that are available to you. Contact one of our Family Lawyers today for your free initial meeting.