The collapse of Universal Wealth Management

Universal Wealth Management

Did you attend Universal Wealth Management seminars called “Keep It In The Family” held in and around South Cheshire around 2014/2015? People attending these seminars typically were advised to put their home into a trust run by the company, which meant they no longer officially owned it. The idea was that local authorities would then disregard the property in the event someone needed long-term care. It has been reported by Action Fraud, that at least 140 clients of Universal Wealth had contacted it about missing money. The business owner has now been jailed for fraud.

We recommend that anyone who signed up to the scheme should make arrangements for Universal Wealth Management to be retired from the Trust as trustees and that the Land Registry records for the property are updated. For advice on this please contact our Wills and Probate Department on either 01270 212000 or 01270 610300. For anyone concerned about investments made by the Universal Wealth Management in relation to cash investments, please contact our Dispute Resolution Department on 01270 610300.

For further information, please see link the attached for a Telegraph news article on the issue. Click here for article