The government have today announced that there will be a change in the law to allow mixed-sex couples the right to a civil partnership.

The Civil Partnership Act 2004 provided same-sex couples legal protection which would be similar to that available to them if they were married. This did not, however, extend to mixed-sex couples.

Today’s announcement follows a ruling of the Supreme Court in June 2018, the court ruled that the Civil Partnership Act 2004 was incompatible with the European Convention on Human Rights and mixed-sex couples should have the choice between marriage and civil partnership. This ruling came following a legal challenge by Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan, who wished to enter into a civil partnership, and pushed their fight to the Supreme Court. They did so in a bid to address the imbalance brought about by the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013, which gave same-sex couples the choice between marriage and civil partnership.

This move by the government to introduce such a change in law, although no timescale has been given, will provide a way for couples to confirm their commitment to one another when the institution of marriage does not meet with their values or wishes. It will also be of interest to cohabiting couples who wish to obtain rights and protection within their relationship without entering into a marriage.

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