Family law organisation Resolution has unveiled a revised code of practice for its thousands of members to mark the launch of ‘Good Divorce Week’.

This annual awareness week hopes to highlight to the public that there are alternatives to courtroom clashes in family law, and was previously known as Dispute Resolution Week.

Amongst other pledges, the code commits members to reducing or managing “any conflict and confrontation; for example, by not using inflammatory language” and to supporting and encouraging “families to put the best interests of any children first”.

Revisions to the code of practice were made to reflect the fact that Resolution’s membership has extended beyond solicitors and now includes family mediators and therapists, as well as counsellors and financial planners, in light of continuing changes to the broader family law landscape.

Chair Nigel Shepherd explained:
“This is a further significant development in Resolution’s evolution. When we first began in the 1980s, the world of family justice was very different. If you were getting divorced, you almost always ended up in court, and it was invariably acrimonious.”

This coming Wednesday, Resolution members will be lobbying Parliament to promote the organisation’s continuing campaign for the introduction of no fault divorce and cohabitation rights.

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