Solicitors for the Elderly today launch their campaign to highlight the importance of having a Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney in place.

For more details, clink on the link below for their whitepaper and video.

If you have any concerns we would urge you to contact us as soon as possible to talk with one of our probate lawyers

At our Crewe Office: Alison Greatbanks on either 01270 21200 or ku.oc1569025500.srot1569025500icilo1569025500swsh@1569025500sknab1569025500taerg1569025500a1569025500
At our Nantwich Office: Angela Lewis on either 01270 610300 or ku.o1569025500c.sro1569025500ticil1569025500oswsh1569025500@siwe1569025500la1569025500and Hugh Lewis-Morgan on 01270 610300 or ku.oc1569025500.srot1569025500icilo1569025500swsh@1569025500nagro1569025500m-siw1569025500elh1569025500